Year 2016
Skills / Software

Developing the PSU website in Umbraco.

The PSU website had a back-end CMS that was no longer supported and adding functionality was requiring workarounds and bloating an already bloated system. It was slow and laborious to add content, which put the company at a massive disadvantage when trying to create fresh content in a fast-paced environment.

Dynamic content aggregation

Built from the ground up, I produced a complete system, developed using Umbraco CMS, with tools to easily create rich, dynamic and optimised pages and content, while allowing for complete customisation and server-side development.

Built with futureproofing in mind, I ensured it was readily expandable for new functionality as and when it was required.

Administering content easily & efficiently

With over 300 pages managed by the CMS, the simple and intuitive front-facing interface allowed the marketing team to administer content easily and efficiently. The new CMS reduced their time spent managing website content and provided more time for the team to spend on content-creation to drive leads.

Browser top bar Website screenshot


Frankly, the system was huge and I built and catered for a wide range of requirements, including:

  • The ability to produce unlimited microsites
  • Integrations with:
    • Loqate
    • TalkTalk
    • MJML
    • Mautic
    • ConnectWise
    • Pure360
  • Numerous "engines", such as:
    • Postcode lookup
    • Automatic webpage to email
    • Email template builder
    • Broken link checker
    • Mautic form insertion
    • Menu builder
    • Form builder
    • Search
  • Over 20 "page types", including Case Study; News; Video; Product
  • Over 30 "content parts" that could be added to pages, such as:
    • Banners
    • "Call to action" sections
    • Dynamically driven links, cards, videos, customer data & downloads
    • Imagery/text sections
    • Articles
    • Menus
    • "Step by step" forms
    • Timelines
    • HTML templates
    • Animated statistics

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