SLG interview: digital asset example for social media.

Ahead of my interview with you, I wanted to demonstrate an example of creating some digital assets for use on social media. This is something I pulled together over the past few evenings in between my other commitments, but hope it gives you an additional opportunity to see some of my capabilities and creative skills. It certainly gave me a chance to blend physical with digital, which I really enjoy doing. Creating and marketing engaging content for a progressive and innovative industry has always been an ambition of mine and I'm excited at the possibility of this within your role.

Just to note this was to show the process, as opposed to advertising suncream!

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8-second engaging video

I briefed myself to create a short 8-second engaging video that could be used on social media with an aim to create brand awareness and a simple message that would compliment a larger social campaign for a specific product.

Also, with square video outperforming landscape video on every social media platform, I quickly made some short square videos (below) using similar design elements.

The set-up

To create the bottle imagery, I placed the actual bottle on top of a lazy Susan (a breakfast bar stool with the chair taken off) in front of a green screen (some green card) and used my studio lights (with a couple of fill-in lights) to get the desired lighting. I then positioned my camera, hit record, and manually turned the bar stool.

I then used Adobe After Effects to key out the green, fixed some slight rotation issues and masked the areas that needed it.