Year 2018
Skills / Software

Saving time with the automation of product and document-style imagery for the web.

The PSU website has many pages promoting case studies, service stories, user manuals, products and more. Each of these page types requires a set of images, based on the document or product. Creating these manually was a slow, time-consuming process.

Browser top bar Website screenshot

Automation script for Photoshop

I created a script, written in JavaScript, made for updating Photoshop smart objects (using one master image) configured to export web optimised imagery, appropriately sized and named that included a web page banner, card, OG, thumbnail and other on-page graphics.

More than a Photoshop "action"

Most of the functionality of creating the different sized imagery could be done through a Photoshop "action". But renaming the outputted file was a more complex job, and could not be achieved through an "action" alone.

My solution utilised the built-in functionality of dragging a PDF document into Photoshop, which would automatically create a layer based on the PDF's filename. Once running my script, it would retrieve the name of that layer and then apply it, along with any pre/postfix wording, to the multiple newly created images that had been optimised and resized.

Consistent, high quality graphics

I was able to create consistent, high-quality graphics, rendered at speed, and named accordingly, allowing for more time to be spent on creative projects that would add more value.

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