Making a product review video for YouTube.

I was fed up with the weeds in my garden and wanted to buy a weed puller (exciting, I know). On looking online for a review, I struggled to find any videos of the weed puller in action... and that gave me the idea to create my own.

~50k views during springtime

I filmed the video using my Nikon Z6 and GoPro Hero 7 over a couple of hours at the weekend. Editing the video, adding the graphics and doing the voiceover took a couple of evenings.

I uploaded the video to YouTube in the middle of summer 2019, and it gained a few thousand views over the next few months. Suddenly, in March of 2020, the view count increased dramatically, acquiring a thousand views per day. This went on for several months, until around midsummer. It's quite clear that spring is the time of year that people are most concerned about weeds popping up!

Where to go from here?