Digital asset design for social media.

8-second engaging video

I briefed myself to create a short 8-second engaging video that could be used on social media with an aim to create brand awareness and a simple message that would compliment a larger social campaign for a specific product.

Also, with square video outperforming landscape video on every social media platform, I quickly made some short square videos (below) using similar design elements.

The set-up

To create the bottle imagery, I placed the actual bottle on top of a lazy Susan (a breakfast bar stool with the chair taken off) in front of a green screen (some green card) and used my studio lights (with a couple of fill-in lights) to get the desired lighting. I then positioned my camera, hit record, and manually turned the bar stool.

I then used Adobe After Effects to key out the green, fixed some slight rotation issues and masked the areas that needed it.

Where to go from here?