Year 2019
Skills / Software

Creating an eBook for insight into Office 365's key collaboration apps.

Microsoft’s Office suite was undergoing vast changes. There was a requirement to explain some of the key apps and how they could benefit businesses while generating additional Office 365 sales leads for the company.

Clear & informative

I created a high-quality document of visuals and content, helping customers to make sense of Microsoft's Office 365 application suite.

A buying signals tool

I produced a high-quality eBook that was used as a buying signals tool for Microsoft Office 365. By using downloads of the eBook to identify those interested in the product area, it resulted in over 20 opportunities for Sales.

Clear and simple

Creating a landscape book style document required a few changes from the usual portrait design. Moving forward, this styling would be incorporated into the brand guidelines.

Instead of the usual imagery being at the top of each page, I moved it to the left-hand side as a "slice". This allowed me to have a more standard portrait A4 width for the remaining space to make it easier and familiar for a reader to digest the content.

As well as the vibrant left-sided imagery, the pages made use of icons to bring out colour and interest. I encouraged whitespace to makes the pages as clear and simple as possible, whilst still keeping it visually interesting and stylised.

Where to go from here?